Client socket sends but Silent Server socket doesn't recieve

I've a Client Socket that pushes Image Data to Server Socket after connection Handshake is done. and the Server sockets process them without responding anything

It works well for few minutes. But After sometime the Server socket stops getting those Data. That I couldn't figure out why ? Is there any such thing in TCP like if client keep pushing data the server must say something otherwise the conversation will stop ?

I wrote this code years ago. and to make it work I made the server returning a string "ACK" response. However If I change that to any string it will work.

But now I want to figure out the Why to reconstruct the Program.


"One-way" communication with TCP is totally fine unless you need an acknowledgment from the receiver on the sending side. But that's your application-level protocol. At the transport level the packets still flow both ways - TCP keeps sequence numbers in both directions and acknowledges them to the other side. This allows for detecting dropped/duplicate packets and for re-transmission, thus providing reliability of the stream. The window sizes negotiated during connection handshake and updated during the life of the conversation allow TCP to slow down fast sender that would overwhelm a slow receiver.

What you really need to do is to record the TCP connection with a sniffer like tcpdump(1) or wireshark and find out what happens on the wire at the point when "socket stops getting those Data".

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