Git putting folders in folders - In a repository

So, I'm pretty new to the whole GitHub thing. Consequently my repo looks like a messy pile of shit. Anyway, I wanted to put in a little effort to clear it up, so I pulled it down, updated the folder system to how I wanted it, and pushed it back up. Anyway, the new folders are showing there with the sub-folders inside. However, the sub-folders are still showing in my repository. I would rather they were in these folders so I can keep it a bit better organised. Is there anyway to do this and would someone mind walking me through it?

Cheers for the help in advance. :)


As the Question is explained above by @Healsgood.

The easiest solution:

Since the local repo is in the desired form and also latest with additional changes. First delete the remote repo(current), create a new remote repo with the same name as in local and push(git push) the changes to remote. You will have same/desired version of remote repo.


Still learning SOF. Figured this would close my question as it has been solved with the thanks of uDaY.

Original Issue: Folder directory in my remote repo was different to my local repo. Pushing would not update this correctly.

Solution: In the end I deleted my remote repo and repushed my local repo. This corrected the folder directory to that of my local repo and solved the issue. My repo is now nice and pretty, thank you uDaY.

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