In the Scala^Z3 DSL, how is an uninterpreted function declared?

I have a small Scala program that transforms a Scala^Z3 DSL expression into latex for easy reading. But I don't see how to declare an uninterpreted function using the DSL. There are many ways to hack the behavior of a function using other constructs, and it's easy to print a hacked function so it looks like a normal function in latex. But I would rather just declare an uninterpreted function, if that is possible somehow.


One way to solve with uninterpreted functions is to use Scala function types in the Val[_] type constructor. For instance:

import z3.scala._
import z3.scala.dsl._

  (x : Val[Int], f : Val[Int=>Int]) => x < f(x)

> res0: (Int, Int=>Int) = (0,<function1>)

The function is then modeled by an actual Scala function:

val f = res0._2

> 1

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