AGImagePickerController difficulty

So I'm using the AGImagePickerController in iPad, I successfully save my selected image in NSDocumentDirectory, and load it into an array. The AGImagePickerController is in my UIButton, so when it is clicked the picker shows up. But what my problem is, how to maintain the checkmark on the selected image even when I go to another viewcontroller. Thankyou.


There is no support for this, yet, but I can add it in a matter of time.

I think you have to maintain a dictionary or a hash-map for the images which is marked or unmarked separately.

And when your pop up appears you have to redraw all the check-marks which are marked and unmarked corresponding to the NSDictionary images which are present their as a key.

I have also used same type of technique in one of my project.

I hope this works for you and in case if you want code snippet, please let me know.

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