Duplicated Label in add_menu_page

I have created a function for a theme customization.

function create_theme_option() {

        add_menu_page(  'Manage Options', //Page Title 

                        'Theme Option', //WP Administrator Menu Title

                        'manage_options', //

                        'theme-options', //Link to a page to your Administration Area

                        'deploy_theme_options', //Function Name

                        get_template_directory_uri() . '/Plugins/Background Changer/images/icons/icon.png',//Menu Icon 


        add_submenu_page("theme-options", "Theme Settings", "Theme Settings", 1, "theme-settings", "theme_settings");

        add_submenu_page("theme-options", "Manage Header", "Manage Header", 1, "manage-header", "manage_header");

        add_submenu_page("theme-options", "Social Media", "Social Media Links", 1, "social-media", "social_media");

        add_submenu_page("theme-options", "Catalog Manager", "Catalog Manager", 1, "catalog-manager", "catalog_manager");


but I noticed that after the label "Theme Option" there is another text appear next to it as "Theme Option". Check the Image below:

How can I fix this? Please help!


@Basharat was pretty close. Here is a cleaner way I use in my plugins:

    '',                     // No need to have this
    'My Plugin',            // Menu Label
    'my_plugin_settings',   // (*) Shared slug

    'my_plugin_settings',   // (*) Shared slug
    'My Plugin Settings',   // Subpage Title
    'Settings',             // Submenu Label
    'my_plugin_settings',   // (*) Shared slug

Source: Coffee, trial and error ;)

For fix this issue you can use the remove_submenu_page, http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/remove_submenu_page.


remove_submenu_page ('my-menu-slug','my-menu-slug')

I think you should check the capability parameter which should not be 99


Please use below to remove the duplicate entry of Menu in Sub-Menu.

/* Add top level menu */
    'MyTheme Menu Label',
    'theme_admin',        // menu slug
    'functions.php',        // function
    get_bloginfo('template_directory') .'/img/favicon.png',

/* remove duplicate menu hack */
    'theme_admin',        // parent slug, same as above menu slug
    '',        // empty page title
    '',        // empty menu title
    'edit_themes',        // same capability as above
    'theme_admin',        // same menu slug as parent slug
    'functions.php',        // same function as above

This isn't too clean, but afaik the only way to hide the duplicate submenu.

Reference: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/52675/how-to-remove-duplicate-link-from-add-menu-page

The only working way i found is to set the add_menu_page $capabilties to unknown, so something like 'unknown', this will hide the page or the submenu, but the menus will still be shown on the left side.

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