Responsive Galleria

I'm trying to use this plugin Galleria in its responsive mode, which basically means it will re draw itself based on its container size as the window re-sizes. The demo on the link I've provided shows a really good example. You can see that, as you resize your window, the whole gallery adjusts accordingly. Now my issue is, the plugin won't let me initialize the gallery unless a height has been specified for the DOM element that is used as its container. This means, I've had to write a whole lot of javascript code to respond window resizes - it destroys the point of it having a responsive mode quite a bit - but in the website above, nowhere can I find an explicit height specified. Can someone explain to me where I'm going wrong?


I figured it out by myself. Posting my answer -

When initializing the gallery - specify your height in percentages - as below. I'm guessing it takes 50% of window height as its value in this case. This way, you don't need to explicitly specify heights anywhere and it works as advertised'#gallery', {responsive:true, height:0.5, debug:false});

Galleria needs a height to initialise correctly. You can do this either via CSS or JS.

If you would like it to fill the width and height of the screen, I would recommend setting a width and height of 100% via CSS. And its parent container needs to be 100%. See below.

**JS:**'#galleria', {

  height: 100%;
  position: fixed;
  z-index: 9999;
  bottom: 0px;

The height option ( if it's < 2.0) is relative to the width of the container. So height:0.5 would have a height that is half the width of the container (w=2, h=1).

height:1.5 would result in (w=2, h=3)

To keep it responsive you can use max-width rather than width when styling the container.

If the height option is set to 2.0 or more, it is interpreted as pixels. So height:2.0 will only be 2px tall.

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