MySQL: Selecting all the rows which are related with a particular value from another row

I have the following mysql table. I have been trying to select all the rows which are related with the row that has B as value in the code column. The relation is based on the value of the column trans_id

id   trans_id  code  amount   side
1      1         A    200     left
2      1         B    200     right
3      2         J    100     right
4      2         C    100     right
5      2         B    200     left
6      3         A    630     right
7      3         K    630     left

My Expected Result:

  id   trans_id  code  amount   side
  1      1         A    200     left
  3      2         J    100     right
  4      2         C    100     right

Could you please tell me what should be the mysql query to achieve this?

Thanks :)


The following query should return the results you want. This uses a select query to return results to the WHERE clause.

SELECT * FROM yourTable 
WHERE trans_id IN (
    SELECT trans_id FROM yourTable WHERE code='B'
AND code!='B'

Your question is unclear, but as far as I understand, you could use a self join like this:

    from table as a
    inner join table as b on ( and b.code='B');

This will return the row with

id   trans_id  code  amount   side
2      1         B    200     right

    table_name t1 
        inner join table_name t2 on t1.trans_id = t2.trans_id 
    t2.code = 'B' and 
    t2.code <> t1.code

If I'm understanding your problem correctly then a subquery would get you what you need.

SELECT * FROM yourTable WHERE id IN (SELECT trans_id FROM yourTable WHERE code='B')

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