How can i find a row that must have N > 1 associations as a condition avoiding N+1 queries

Given the following table:

id  category_id categorizable_id  categorizable_type
66  22          67                Image
72  22          75                Image
74  15          71                Image
104 15          67                Image
126 15          113               Image

Now i want to select those "Images" via a left join who's category_ids are 22 and 15 My sql currently looks like this:

  LEFT OUTER JOIN category_links 
    ON = category_links.categorizable_id AND category_links.categorizable_type = 'Image' 
      category_links.category_id = "22" AND
        select count(*) from category_links 
          where category_links.categorizable_id = AND 
          category_links.categorizable_type = 'Image' AND 
          category_links.category_id = "15"

How can this be rewritten eliminating the need for a subquery ?


You won't be able to do this efficiently without a subquery, but the situation has room for improvement:

    (SELECT, COUNT(l.categorizable_id) AS occurrences
     FROM images i
     LEFT OUTER JOIN category_links l
     ON = l.categorizable_id AND l.categorizable_type = 'Image'
     WHERE l.category_id IN (15, 22)
     GROUP BY l.categorizable_id) temp
WHERE occurrences = 2;

The main advantage here is that it's trivially easy to configure this query: you specify which categories you are searching for with IN(...) and how many of these categories have to match with the occurrences = N test.

The above query will thus return all images which are in both categories; if occurrences >= 1 it would return images in either category or both; etc.

You can lose the subquery if you use HAVING instead of WHERE for the occurrences check, but this is not usually a good idea because in essence it filters the results of the subquery (as written above) row-by-row and as a consequence performance suffers.

If you want distinct image ids then you can use distinct.

SELECT distinct, 
COUNT(links.categorizable_id) AS occurrences
FROM images i
LEFT OUTER JOIN category_links links
ON = links.categorizable_id AND links.categorizable_type = 'Image'
WHERE links.category_id IN (15, 22)
GROUP BY links.categorizable_id) temp
Having Count(links.categorizable_id) >= 2;

    images a
    category_links b ON = b.categorizable_id
    b.categorizable_type = 'Image'
    b.category_id IN (22, 15)
    COUNT(*) = 2

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