ExtJS application will not start

I am new to ExtJS (4.1) and now I am trying to make an MVC application work, but there seems to be a bug somewhere. Here is my app.js:



name: 'FI',

launch: function() {

and this is the ListController:

Ext.define('Fi.controller.ListController', {
extend: 'Ext.app.Controller',
id: 'installBaseListController',
init: function() {


All the needed js files are loaded properly and no errors are displayed in the console.

However, the only message displayed is "out", meaning that the controller does not get instantiated and the applicationa itself doesn't start. Why?


The application is named 'FI' (capital I) but the controller is on Fi (lowercase i)!

For future reference:

It also happens when you get any of the related files/classes Ext.define('Xxx.xxx.Xxxx') spelling wrong (case senstive)

Or, any of the launch / init/ initComponent functions spelling wrong (case senstive).

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