ReadySetRaphael not rendering SVG properly

I am trying to run through and I cannot get it to produce the SVG. It returns the correct size of the div but when you inspect element it looks as if the paths are being drawn off the screen.

I can get it to work if I open the SVG in Illustrator and re-save but then I lose the grouping and Raphael draws the individual paths and leaves the group array blank. I really need to keep the continent groups as I have to interact with the map at continent level.

I have also used different raphael generators and the results are consistent. Has anyone got any ideas?



What you seem to want is applying the transforms on the <g> elements to the child elements. Inkscape can help you do that, while keeping the elements as they are I think.

  1. Open the Continents.svg file in inkscape
  2. Open menu "File > Preferences"
  3. Find "Transforms" section in the dialog
  4. Check "Optimized" under "Store transformation:"
  5. Close dialog
  6. Save file

The transforms should now have been applied to the paths.

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