Android/Iphone support for the "data-" attribute

I´m developing an app for Android/Iphones

I´m using JQuery Mobile and PhoneGap.

I need to store some data in a list of links so i was thinking of using this:

And it seems to work on my phone (Android 2.3.3) but when seeing this list: (scroll down to Android phones)

it seems that ALOT of phones webbrowsers doesn't support the "data" attribute feature. Is that really correct? Why does it work on my Android 2.3.3 phone when in the link above it says it doesn't.


It seems that the site is in error or it has some special meaning for “Embedding custom non-visible data”.

The usual reference says that data- attributes as such are supported by all browsers, but there are differences in the ways they can be accessed:

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