Embed JavascriptCore in C application

I'm trying to find information on how to embed JavascriptCore in a C project. It's easy to find guides for both V8 and SpiderMonkey, but near impossible to find for JSC. Does anyone know where to look?

I'd rather not embed V8 as it's C++, and i heard SpiderMonkey's API was horrible.


This link for the JavaScriptCore web page says that JavaScriptCore is a part of WebKit. Here is a link to the JavaScriptCore page within WebKit site.

This wikipedia topic on webkit mentions history including a bit of information about JavaScriptCore.

Here is some information about web kit from Apple. And here is an article about new developments with WebKit Javascript.

And this looks like information for webkit with Android.

And here is a test engine, the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.

And you might find this slide show, Hacking Webkit & its JavaScript Engines helpful.

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