How to remove UI selectmenu in jquery?

The code below sets a select menu with UI selectmenu by


but the question here is how to remove UI selectmenu of .anyclass


In case you are talking about this plugin, you can simple do this


You can remove an element by:


To remove a particular class:

$('.anyclass').removeClass('addedClass');  // where addedClass is something a plugin would add

To change a css attribute:

$('.anyclass').css('color', 'blue');

UI Selectmenu creates an imitation of the button and menu for the select box and hides the actual select tag. There's no such thing as removing the styling in this case. All you can do is get rid of the imitation select box and display the actual select tag.

If the select tag has an id of foo, then the imitation button and menu have an id of foo-button and foo-menu, respectively.

$('#foo-button').remove();   // or .hide()
$('#foo-menu').remove();     // or .hide()

Please do not use the above linked version of the plugin as its totally outdated and has lots (!) of issues.

Please use (jQuery UI stable) or (jQuery UI dev)

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