Jquery Pagination on ajax loaded data

I have a listing according to the categories. I am loading the data listing using jquery post. On the ajax loaded data I am looking for a pagination using ajax again. Please suggest me with the best solutions.

What i have thought of is to make three with different ids and load when clicked on categories then again call a function onclick of the pagination nos to replace contents of ajaxloaded div like..

<div id='data'> 
   <div id='ajaxloaded'>
      data listing goes herez
     <div id='paginate'> 1 2 3..</div>

Is this the way to go for it ? anyone got a better idea please suggest me some I am using PHP and Mysql.

thanks in advance


You can use DataTables, it's a jQuery library allowing pagination.

Look at this example

Have you tried any of these? http://www.jquery4u.com/plugins/10-jquery-pagination-plugins/

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