TeeChart VCL chart scale issue

I have an issue using Delphi 2007 & TChart or or the latest evaluation on the TChart scaling.

The problem arises as soon I enlarge the window after a certain width and KEEP the Form height!

This is the drawing using a smaller form size.

now if I enlarge to 1200 weight I get this ugly scaling:

If I export in the designer without the aspect ratio set and with 1200 weight you will se this:

How to get ride of this?



I see you've set top and bottom margins to Chart1 in your project (8 and 20 percent respectively). I guess this has the intention of giving more space (in height) for Chart2 when you resize the form making it bigger.

Chart1's Top and Height properties should be set according to fill this blank space in the Form's OnResize event. Try this:

procedure TGSSkillgroupStatisticForm.FormResize(Sender: TObject);
  Chart2.Top:=Chart1.ChartRect.Bottom + 25;

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Keep in mind that I only scale in the x-axis. Your 3-D bar / construct will after a certain width, overlap the scaling numbers! Your given answer do not fix this issue at all. To see the real problem in a better way, I added on the form creation:

Chart2.BottomAxis.Maximum := 20;

Series2.AddBar(12, 'Hallo', clred);

Here the result:

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