How to integrate aurioTouch app functionality in other app?

I am trying to integrate aurioTouch app functionality in my app but I am having problems because few portion of that app is written in C++ and for this I changed my .m file into .mm but still having issues. I have added the image. Please see/ How this error can be resolved?


I also faced the same issue and was unable to sort it out for a very long time. The real problem starts when you import the auriotouch's .cpp classes in to your project. Generally while doing that we face a lot of compilation errors and sometimes linker errors. So,

First: Change the extension of all of your class files in your project from .m to .mm. This will make your class files to support both C++ and objective C codes. [If not, u'll face multiple compilation issues]

Second: Check whether you have imported the class files(.m, .mm or.cpp) in Project->Targets-> build phases-> Compile sources. [If not, u'll face linker errors]

Third: Try to check whether u have properly declared the global variables in your class files. [If not, it might show duplicate symbol error]

Read this:

If you have a .cpp file with C++ code that needs to use Objective-C as well, either rename that .cpp file to .mm or pass -x objective-c++ to the compiler.

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