TestFlight couldn't find the build

Yesterday have I uploaded 2 builds to iOS beta testing platform - TestFlightApp. Unfortunately none of the testers, including me, can access those builds. It was working for us fine before.

I receive following message:

This device cannot install this build

TestFlight couldn't find the build you are looking for - perhaps it was removed enter code here or you were sent an incorrect url. Check out your dashboard to see all your installable builds

Anyone received similar message ? Is it internal testflight problem, or something is wrong with my build ? How to fix that ?


It's happened to me as well, I got the message This device cannot install this build and the green button said Contact Developer.

After making sure that the user had register his device with test flight and that the device is also on the provisioning profile, I've removed the profile from the Settings app (by going to Settings>General>Profiles) and removed the Safari browsing data (by going to Settings>Safari>Advanced>Testflightapp.com)

Then I went back to the email and clicked on the link to install the app and that worked.

It may seem counter-intuitive (it was to me anyway) - even if you provision someone's device, you still have to check off each user on the permissions page and click "just update" before they can install an app, EVEN IF you already provisioned their device in the iOS provisioning portal.

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