How to Extract Data from a field with multiple values?

IP.Nexus puts custom fields into a table all muddled up into one row and some how pulls the correct data out.

basically my custom fields row looks like so:


How do i select what item to pull as i would like to out put just one item not the whole row, is it with delimiters or string splitter, as i am novice with this part of mySQL

Cause i would like to echo out just the advertising on its own and also vice versa for the testing.

Thanks in advance


It's a serialized array using serialize() function so you can get its contents using unserialize($YourString);.

But I see that you string is corrupted for deserialization, because s:4: in s:4:"advertising" says that after s:4: 4 character long string is expected that advertising is not.

The data in the database is in serialized(json) form.You can turn it into simple array using unserialize. For example;if $mystr is your string write


You will get normal array of this string You can do

foreach($mystring as $str){

and the resulting array $ads will be the ads you like in simple array form

Since this looks as JSon, you can use a PHP JSon module to parse each row from MySQL.


while (...) {
    $obj = json_decode($row);
    // do something with $obj

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