javascript framework needed for video post processing

are there some good solutions to achieve video post processing (filters) using canvas / html5?

I just found but needs webgl and I need some alternatives.


Ive had some success with combining both RequestAnimationFrame with a video playing to the canvas then each frame using Pixastic. This is more of the 'high-end' video post-production (as used in Nuke, Flame etc) method where video is essentially treated as a set of frames in a framestore. I've seen things like Seriously.js and they're great but just keep in mind that when rendering a video to the canvas you're simply dealing with an image sequence and therefore you have a lot of freedom and can use pretty much any image filter/process/algorithm on the data before displaying it. The other thing to mention is that the pixastic effects will all work without webgl enabled (so you can support Internet Explorer too) which seriously.js does not.

bit off topic but:

PS: I've had it in mind to make a whole javascript realtime node based post-prod app based on this: example:

with a comprehensive set of FFT & webgl enhanced effects.. It's really in it's early stage through.

another thing that might be interesting if youve got a similar idea is this:

example here:

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