What is causing my web app to stall on some Android devices? How do I detect?

I am building a cross-platform mobile app in HTML, CSS & Javascript and publishing it to Android and iOS using PhoneGap as a wrapper.

I have published in the Android Market, and am finding out through customer reviews that the app stalls early during the user setup phase, with some users/devices. I do not have any kind of error handling and reporting set up in the app, and the Android Market's crash report is still giving me 0 crashes after hundreds of downloads and half a dozen disappointed reviews.

I haven't thought about error reporting while building the app. Now that it exists, is there a simple way to implement it? I'm currently trying to intercept the window.onError event, but is that the right approach?

I've read about Acra http://code.google.com/p/acra/ but this seems to be Java error reporting. If Javascript fails on a missing function or non-existing object, will Acra report the details of that?

EDIT: Since my app has internet access anyway, I implemented a listener for the javascript 'onerror' event, which provides a description of the error.

This listener uses Cordova/PhoneGap to detect if there is a connection: if there is, it sends the error description to the server along with the device. If there isn't, it attaches an event listener to Cordova/PhoneGap's 'online' event to send the error when the device goes online.

It's not running perfectly yet (which is why I'm not adding this as an official answer)


No, and believe me, it's a bad thing for a huge amount of us!

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