Access to database and importing data to Magento

I am considering building some sort of mechanism, that would import data to Magento database. However, as I read in documentation, it was recommended to use models available in Magento by default if possible.

My question would be, whether it is possible to use model approach, without creating Magento module and then execute this code from command line?

Or the best idea would be to use module, but what if I would intend to build two import mechanisms, where one uses custom table (perhaps I may need one more table for one customization, but this table would stand apart) and another uses tables and models available in Magento?


To bootstrap Magento and use it from command line create a php file starting with:

  require_once '../Mage.php'; //correct path to Mage.php
  $app = Mage::app();
  Mage::register('isSecureArea', true);

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