Interface builder storyboard compiler error when editing the xml file

I manually add element in the storyboard file of my iPhone/iPad developement. In fact, I copy views in storyboard for iPad and I compute the proportional sizes for iPhone (1024x768 to 480x320). It works correctly but there is an error when adding a containing several imageviews on it:

*CompileStoryboard iboniaIphoneLGT/LGT_iphone.storyboard
    cd /Users/imac/Desktop/WORKSPACE
    setenv PATH "/Applications/"
    setenv XCODE_DEVELOPER_USR_PATH /Applications/
    --output-format human-readable-text 
    --sdk /Applications/

Command /Applications/ 
failed with exit code 255*

The message is not explicit, what is the possible cause of this message???



I was getting this error and eventually found that when I selected one of the images used in the xib in the project navigator, it did not have the project checked in the File Inspector under "Target Membership". Once I checked that, I didn't get the error anymore.

So I would suggest checking all the images and other resources used in the xib and make sure they have their target membership correct.

In my case this was caused by adding one equal-width constraint. It does not make sense. I am pretty wary of Xcode by now.

For me the solution was just to remove some warnings I had. The warnings I changed was just changing var:s to let:s on properties that was not changed on 4 places

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