redirect to another page with slide effect

I have a functionality in jquery-mobile in which I want to redirect to another page on click of an image after a delay. So far i have reached till here-

    window.location.href = "myPage.html";

Its working fine but I want that the page should redirect with slide effect of jQuery mobile. Doed anybody have any idea?


I got the answer guys..!!

I replaced window.location.href = "myPage.html" with


This is redirecting the page to the target page with slide effect! Check it out here

Redirecting a page with window location reload is not possible. When you try to change a window location reload it will refresh the page.

So you can try something like

  • loading your target content within an iframe

  • or, use ajax method to load content

  • or, make a sliding effect with your previously loaded content

In order to load via ajax use can use any one methods like .load() or .ajax()

For example:

You can use .load() like following:

$('#target_container').load('YOUR_URL', function() {
   // do something

OR can use .ajax() like following:

  url: 'YOUR_URL'.
  dataType: 'html',
  success: function(response) {

Read more about above methods and use what you like.

Instead of setting window.location.href , Why dont you try this,

    $('#maindiv').load('mypage.html', function() {
       alert('Load was performed.');
      //  here slide the content and render the maindiv

Redirecting a page like you did in your example code will make the page refresh and therefore an effect impossible. If you want to achieve something like a slidein page you might want to take a look at sliding in an iframe that holds the page that you want to redirect to (and maybe do the complete location refresh after the effect was finished).

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