Rails number_field ignoring requirements in haml view

I have the following code in my view

   = f.label :minimum_mpg
   = f.number_field :mpg_min, :in => 0..100, :type => 'float' , :precision => 2

I want to restrict the input from 0 to 100, but when I enter in negative numbers they are accepted. I think it has something to do with changing the type to float. The input needs to be able to accept floats though.

Thanks for you help.


Your :type => 'float' line is overriding the default type="number" part of the HTML tag that is generated, effectively turning it back into a standard text field instead of a number field.

If you need to accept two decimal places, you could do something like this. However, clicking the up/down arrows on the field will only increment 0.01 at a time.

= f.number_field :mpg_min, :in => 0..100, :step => 0.01

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