Add onClick event to document.createElement("th")

I am dynamically adding columns to a table by using document.createElement("th")

var newTH = document.createElement('th');

Is there a way to set an onClick attribute for this so a user can delete the column by clicking on the header? Any help would be great. If this is not possible, is it possible to put something in


to make it work?


var newTH = document.createElement('th');
newTH.innerHTML = 'Hello, World!';
newTH.onclick = function () {

var table = document.getElementById('content');

Working example:

You can also just hide with = 'none'.

var newTH = document.createElement('th');
newTH.onclick = function() {
      //Your code here

var newTH = document.createElement('th');
newTH.addEventListener( 'click', function(){
  // delete the column here
} );

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