Convert.ChangeType() on EntityObject

I'm working on MySQL using .Net Connector 6.3.6 and created Entity models on VS 2010. I'm planning to write a generic method that would add an EntityObject to its corresponding table. Here is how it looks:

    public void AddToTable(ObjectContext dataContext, string tableName, EntityObject tableObj)
                    Type type = dataContext.GetType();
                    string methodName = "AddTo" + tableName;
                    MethodInfo methodInfo = type.GetMethod(methodName);
                    PropertyInfo propInfo = dataContext.GetType().GetProperty(tableName);
                    Object[] parameters = new Object[] { Convert.ChangeType(tableObj, propInfo.PropertyType) };
                    methodInfo.Invoke(dataContext, parameters);
                catch (Exception e)

                  edit://gonna handle it appropriately here!

ObjectContext will be the actual ObjectContext class. But I'm getting exception saying "object must implement IConvertible" when I use Covert.ChangeType() on an EntityObject. How to overcome this problem? Edit: FYI, my main intention is to make write a method which is as generic as possible so that no casting to a particular table type would be required.

Thanks, Alerter


You're reinventing the wheel.

 public void AddToTable<TEntity>(ObjectContext dataContext, TEntity tableObj)

And please don't eat exceptions.

Followed the following generalized repository pattern: [link][link] It is very intuitive and fits my requirement :)

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