Linker error on const values

I am trying to create some string constants so I have the following:


extern NSString* const CONSTANT_ONE;




#import "Constants.h"
... snip
NSString* something = CONSTANT_ONE;

Constants.m is listed in the "Compile Sources" bit of the target's build phases and is a member of the target when I look in its "Target Membership" section of the sidebar.

When I try to compile I get an error like:

Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
  "_CONSTANT_ONE", referenced from:
      -[SomeOtherFile someMethod:] in SomeOtherFile.o

I think I might be misunderstanding something basic here - can anyone help me with this error please?


The code in my initial question was correct. I don't know why but simply closing and re-opening Xcode solved the problem and it built fine. Just Xcode getting itself confused.

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