exporting by year and month from 100 tables

I've been asked to export data out of 100 tables.

for each table it would be something like this:

select * from table1
where datepart(yyyy,table1.DOS)=2011
and datepart(mm,table1.DOS)=01

and then:

select * from table1
where datepart(yyyy,table1.DOS)=2011
and datepart(mm,table1.DOS)=02


i would need to do this for every YEAR and for every MONTH for every table

i need to export these data sets to a CSV

can you please give me some guidance on how i can automate this instead of using the IMPORT/EXPORT wizard manually?


Dynamic SQL with sp_msforeachtable. Here is a link with info and examples:


My Suggestion - Window Services help you out by setting the timing(Scheduling) in Application Configuration file

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