Chrome will not refresh local file when changing backbone template

I'm working on a backbone application on Google Chrome (v19.0.1084.56) and when I am working on templates, both me (on Mac OSX Lion) and another developer (on Fedora) have to close the tab and reopen the file to see new changes. Forced refresh (cmd+R or f5) do not work.

I am using these flags for chrome to work on the file:

open /Applications/Google --args --allow-file-access-from-files --disable-web-security

I'm driving myself crazy with this close/open process. Has anyone run into this problem and have you found a way to refresh the file?

UPDATE: Another developer in the shop does NOT have the problem described above and is on chrome 18 instead of 19 on Fedora. Its beginning to look like a Chrome bug.

FURTHER UPDATE: Also tried using --disk-cache-size=1 --media-cache-size=1 as flags when opening Chrome and the issue still persists. Using Incognito Mode doesn't work either. However, if I manually go to Tools > Clear Browsing History and check both Clear Browsing History and Empty the Cache, and hit refresh, the template will load correctly. This narrows it down to a cache problem.


After googling and researching, there is a way to disable cache on a page. By opening the Developer Console, in the bottom right-hand column there is a cog. In that menu there is a checkbox Disable Cache that once enabled, fixes the problem.

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