SQL Server, remove all users' access right to a table object

As a clean up job, I am trying to remove all users' (including non public users) access right to a single table object (apart from superusers) and will subsequently grant new access rights. Is there a simple way to remove access rights to a table without using a cursor with system tables?


This code should work below:

    @user_name sysname,
    @deny_cmd nvarchar(500)

declare UserCursor cursor for
select name
from sys.database_principals
where type in ('U', 'S')
and name not in ('dbo', 'information_schema', 'sys')

open UserCursor

fetch next from UserCursor
into @user_name

while @@fetch_status = 0
    set @deny_cmd = 
        'deny select, insert, update, delete on object::UberSecureTable
        to ' + @user_name

    exec (@deny_cmd)

    fetch next from UserCursor
    into @user_name

close UserCursor
deallocate UserCursor

Let me know if that does what you're looking for. Change UberSecureTable to your actual table name.

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