Create an iPhone app with more than one "screen"

I am relatively new to Objective-C / iPhone programming, and have only created single view applications thusfar. I am interested in creating an app soon than will have a "wireframe" in a sense that allows me navigate the various views of my app using buttons. So I guess my questions are:

  1. What do I need to do to make an app that has more than one view
  2. How to I link them with UIActions in buttons to navigate the various screens (ex a back button to go to a previous screen)

and I may have more as I go, but this is a start.



Since no one really had a clear helpful answer, I will share my own conclusion. Xcode 4 offers a very intuitive and interactive way to create multiple MVCs and segue between them even providing the interface to travel between views. I found out how to use this feature from Paul Haggarty's iOS course on iTunes U. I highly recommend it.


You'd can use a combination of, multiple UIViewController and or UINavigationController's. Utilizing methods such as presentModalViewController:animated: and pushViewController:.

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