UIButton and UIPicker

Is there any reason adding a UIPicker to a view might somehow rob a programatically created button of its functionality? I initially instantiated a UIButton to take me to a different view, and all was well and fine. Then I went ahead and added a UIPicker to the same view with the purpose of selecting a few key fields which could then be passed on to the view the UIButton led to. Unfortunately it seems I somehow broke my button in the process of adding the picker.

Here's the instantiation of the button:

switchToGame = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeRoundedRect];
switchToGame.frame = CGRectMake(140,250,100,100);
[switchToGame setTitle:@"Play God" forState:UIControlStateNormal];
[switchToGame setTitleColor:[UIColor blackColor] forState:UIControlStateNormal];
[switchToGame addTarget:self action:@selector(playGame) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside];
[self.view insertSubview:switchToGame atIndex:0];

The method playGame checks the fields of the picker, sends them to a shared singleton object then loads the game view as such:

Singleton *mySingleton = [Singleton sharedSingleton];

NSInteger numCellsRow = [theDataPicker selectedRowInComponent:0];
NSInteger aliveColorRow = [theDataPicker selectedRowInComponent:1];
NSInteger deadColorRow = [theDataPicker selectedRowInComponent:2];

UIColor * theAliveColor = [aliveColors objectAtIndex:aliveColorRow];
UIColor * theDeadColor = [deadColors objectAtIndex:deadColorRow];
NSInteger numCellsPerRow = [[cellRowOptions objectAtIndex:numCellsRow] intValue];

mySingleton.cellsPerRow = numCellsPerRow;
mySingleton.aliveColor = theAliveColor;
mySingleton.deadColor = theDeadColor;

[theAliveColor release];
[theDeadColor release];

GameController * viewController = [GameController alloc];
self.theViewController = viewController;
[self.view insertSubview:theViewController.view atIndex:1];
[viewController release];

I hope these stretches of code are enough for someone to point out where I went astray, as I am quite lost at the moment.


Out of curiosity what happens if you replace:

[self.view insertSubview:switchToGame atIndex:0];


[self.view insertSubview:switchToGame atIndex:1];


[self.view insertSubview:theViewController.view atIndex:1];  


[self.view insertSubview:theViewController.view atIndex:0];

Hopefully this might order your views correctly so that the button is on top. Also look here for a great link on addSubview versus insertSubview:

Difference between addSubview and insertSubview in UIView class

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