Issue Performing FullText Search on Entity

I'm using neo4j as my backend to a Ruby on Rails project and I'm attempting to implement some search functionality. Bellow is my model:

class Entity < Neo4j::Rails::Model
    property :name
    index :name, :type => :fulltext

I have created records with the following: do

  tony = :name => "Tony Soprano"
  paulie = :name => "Paulie Gualtieri"
  robert = :name => "Robert Baccalier"
  silvio = :name => "Silvio Dante"

  tony.friends << paulie << robert << silvio

Lastly my search method looks like this:

def search
  terms = params[:q]

  render :json => Entity.all(:name => terms, :type => :fulltext)

When I run the above search method, I'm getting the following error: no index on field type

I've read the Fulltext Search section of the Neo4j-Rails Guides and I don't see what I'm missing to make this work. My understanding is the :name property should be indexed because of the way I configured the model.


Which version of neo4j.rb are you using ? If you are using 2.0 you should look at the Neo4j Github Wiki Pages.

Here is an example how to solve that using 2.0:

Entity.all("name: hello*", :type => :fulltext).count

I guess this also works in Neo4j.rb 1.3.1. Hash queries does not work with fulltext search.

The following query:

Entity.all(:name => "hello*", :type => :fulltext).count

will use the exact lucene index and query two fields: name and type.

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