Block commenting in Gedit?

Is there a way to comment out a chunk of highlighted code?

I am programming in ruby, and I hate putting # on lines individually.


1.Install gedit plugins

 sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins

2.Go to Edit->Preference->Plugins-> and enable Code Comment

3.Ctl+m to comment block of codes

4.Ctl+Shift+m to uncomment block of codes

Ruby has block commenting...

    Insert comment here

This will avoid the need to add # to each line... However, I don't think Gedit will convert highlighted code into commented lines by default.

Just use a multi-line comment.


Anything between a line consisting only of =begin
and a line consisting only of =end
is treated as a comment.


Code to be commented out


Looks like Code Comment plugin would do it?

Code Comment plugin obviously is a good one for # (hash) style commenting but what if you need comment out php code block with double // slashes or any other custom commenting style? For example, with one or two whitespaces added after the comment symbol.

  1. Go to Edit->Preferences->Plugins-> and enable External Tools plugin.

  2. Go to Tools->Manage External Tools.

  3. Under the Tools side bar click add (+) sign, call your new tool "Comment out" and add this code into the Edit field:


    # comment out current selection

    # comment style

    comment="// "

    xargs -i -d\\\n echo $comment{}

  4. Set up your tool.

Shortcut Key: Alt+/ (put the cursor in the field and press Alt+/ or any other keys)

Save: Nothing

Input: Current selection (default to document)

Output: Replace current selection

Applicability: All documents? All languages? (change if you need)

To uncomment commented block of code do the same things except below ones.

  1. Name of the Tool: "Uncomment".

  2. Shortcut Key: Alt+Backspace

  3. Code to insert into the Edit field:


    # uncomment current selection

    # comment symbols to remove

    uncomment="^\/\/ "

    xargs -i -d\\\n echo {} | sed -ne "s/$uncomment//p"

Change comment/uncomment variable value (double slashes and space) with your desired commenting style.


Get the "code comment" plugin.

You should try gmate! It is a package of cool plugins for Ruby (and not only Ruby) developement under gedit.

You can comment and uncomment bunch of lines like in Sublime or TextMate

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