MySQL INSERT Query - No longer works

I am having an issue with an INSERT query that used to work but, as the title suggests, it's stopped working.

Here is the offending (or not so offending) code:

$qryd = "INSERT INTO 
         trans_deposits (login, walletadd, depamount, tickamount, recadd) 
         ('$login', '$walletadd', '$thefee', '$ticketamount', '$recaddress')";
$resultd = @mysql_query($qryd);

... but more importantly... I accidentally deleted the original table (trans_deposits) so I created another table with the same table and column names etc. After which, the query no longer worked. - I don't see how, but could this have caused an issue?

I've tried the mysql_error() "trick" but no luck. Any ideas?


$qryd = "INSERT INTO trans_deposits(login, walletadd, depamount, tickamount, recadd) VALUES('$login', '$walletadd', '$thefee', '$ticketamount', '$recaddress')";
$resultd = mysql_query($qryd); //remove @
//For INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP, etc, mysql_query() returns TRUE on success or FALSE on error. 
if (!$resultd) {
    echo "Error! ", mysql_error(); //Read the text of the error message

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