Postgres adapter appears to return nil dates for columns that actually have non-NULL values

Postgres 9.0.4
Rails 3.0.7
AR 3.0.7
pg 0.12.2

I have a table with 3 records in it with DATE column values of '0001-01-01 BC' (not sure how they got in there in the first place, there is no default value set on the column).

When I request these records and then query for this date column value through ActiveRelation, they return nil, but they are actually NOT NULL in the database.


[3] pry(main)> User.where(birthday: '0001-01-01 BC').map {|u| u.birthday}
=> [nil, nil, nil]

Anyone seen anything like this or have any idea what's going on here?

Thanks, Wes


This looks like an issue that was fixed with this pull request. Updating rails should solve your problem.

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