Trace WCF REST service errors

This question came up from what I see on a clients side: Intermittent Connection Reset by Peer errors in Android connecting to .NET REST endpoint

Simply put, I suspect that my WCF service for some reason intermittenly reject clients. I wonder if there is any way to log those rejections? I'm not even sure if that happens on WCF level, maybe it happens in IIS itself before routed to WCF?

I want to know how to log any errors for requests coming to my WCF endpoint. Inside WCF there is no issues, I log any kind of exceptions thrown.


As you can see on this link: using system.diagnostics section of config you can configure your service to trace all action executed to complete an operation. This parameter: initializeData= "c:\log\Traces.svclog" /> is the file location where trace information will be saved.

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