H1 tags vs H2 tags - Weight of content for SEO

Is header tag content weighted differently when it comes to SEO?

For example if I were to replace my h1 elements with h2... (assuming only a single h2 elements per page and no other header elements )

  1. Would this reduce optimization? Would the content be ranked lower?


It is logical to assume that <h1> tags carry more weight then <h2> as typically the <h1> is the title of the page and conveys the general subject matter of the content below. So switching from and <h1> to an <h2> should reduce the value of your semantic markup and thus have a negative effect on your rankings. But since there are so many other factors involved in ranking pages, unless you're after a really long tail keyword I wouldn't expect it to make any noticeable difference.

If you are doing this because you prefer the style of an <h2> tag over an <h1> tag then you are definitely making a mistake. You should use CSS to alter the appearance of the <h1> tag to suit your needs. This is perfectly fine to do from an SEO perspective as long as you aren't trying to make the <h1> tag look like normal text (which you aren't).

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