Add scroll to all rows in a table except for the first

I have a page with: 1 - header. 2 - table. 3 - footer.

The table has a first row which is like a title for each column. After that, all the data gets ordered by row and column.

I need to scroll all the rows except the first one in the top. I try and try and I got a headache.

This is the start position: Demo

And this is One of my attempts: Demo1


I can think a few solutions..

One would be using two tables, pulling the headers out and placing the lower part of the table in a div that you can scroll.

Second could be using waypoints ( lock the table header in and target it with tr:first-child

A third could be using an image as the header and scrolling the content in it's own div tag.

(using position:fixed will keep something locked on a page in position)

Hope these help :)

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