Rack ssl not working with Thin

I installed rack ssl for Rails 3.07 per these instructions: http://www.simonecarletti.com/blog/2011/05/configuring-rails-3-https-ssl/

It is not working. The first https request (for the login page) is made and the page is served securely, but when you login it redirects to a non-secure http URL.

I am running Thin server. Does it work for Thin? What about Webrick?

Any ideas? Thanks.


For Thin, you can pass your SSL information in using the following options:

$ thin --help

SSL options:
    --ssl                        Enables SSL
    --ssl-key-file PATH          Path to private key
    --ssl-cert-file PATH         Path to certificate
    --ssl-verify                 Enables SSL certificate verification

If you would like to configure Webrick to use SSL, this article from this question seems to work.

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