Cucumber Feature Failing Selecting Option

Can't figure out why this feature won't pass...I know it's working from manual testing, but I'm continually getting this error

cannot select option, no option with text 'Don Moen' in select box 'audio_file[artist_id]'
(eval):2:in `select'
./features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:34:in `/^I select "(.*?)" from "(.*?)"$/'
features/adding_audio.feature:19:in `When I select "Don Moen" from "audio_file[artist_id]"'

Scenario failing:

    Given I am on the home page
    And I have an admin account
    And I submit valid login information
    And I am in the admin panel
    And I follow "New Upload"

Scenario: Adding Audio with Existing Artist
    Given the following Artists exist
        |   name     |
        |   Don Moen |
    When I fill in "Title" with "Song Name"
    When I select "Don Moen" from "audio_file[artist_id]"
    And I press "Upload"
    Then I should not see an error message

Problem step definitions:

Given /^the following Artists exist$/ do |table|
  table.hashes.each do |attributes|
    Artist.create :name => attributes[:name]

When /^I select "(.*?)" from "(.*?)"$/ do |option, field| option, :from => field

I know the problem has something to do with the model not saving in the database, because if I manually add that artist in the test console, the feature passes.

Maybe some db configuration I have screwed up?


I can't tell at which point you actually visit the page, but I suspect you're doing before before the artist records are created, therefore the dropdown will be empty.

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