How does the Google Reader menu stay in place?

I'd like to replicate the functionality of the Google Reader left navigation (where you find the Subscribe button, 'Home', 'All Items', etc).

I looked at the HTML and CSS but I can't figure it out. They're not using frames, and I didn't find any position:fixed statements.

Can anyone shed any light on what I'm missing? Thanks.


It uses fixed height (changed on resize) and overflow-y: auto on the 2 columns.

Do you mean the menu on left with headings 'All Items', 'Explore' and 'Subscriptions'?

If so look in the code for <div id="sections-holder" this has an inline height and overflow:auto which adds the scroll-bar

So in effect the build of the menu is standard its the window on the right that causes the effect

But let me know if you mean somewhere else...

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