keep reference to tabbar after viewDidUnload?

I am trying to disable all the tabs of a tab bar except the first tab. I came up with this code:


        [self setSelectedIndex:0];
        for(UITabBarItem *item in self.mainTabBar.items){
            if(self.firstTabBarItem != 0)  item.enabled = false;

This code is in the UITabBarControllers class file. Although this works when called from its own class when I call this function from another class it doesn't work. When I nslog the tabbar whenever the above method is called when this method gets called from another class its shows NULL. How can I make it keep a reference to the tabbar after viewDidUnload is called?

I'm new to iOS development so please bear with me.




you have to import the UITabBarController class in the other class where you want to call the method and after creating it's instance call the method using that instance this will defiantly solved your problem of NULL.

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