Adding custom header to TIdHttp request, header value has commas

I'm using Delphi XE2 and Indy I have an instance of TIdHttp and I need to add a custom header to the request. The header value has commas in it so it's getting parsed automatically into multiple headers. I don't want it to do that. I need the header value for my custom header to still be one string and not split based on a comma delimiter.

I have tried setting IdHttp1.Request.CustomHeaders.Delimiter := ';' with no success. Is there a way to make sure the header doesn't get split up?

procedure SendRequest;
const HeaderStr = 'URL-Encoded-API-Key VQ0_RV,ntmcOg/G3oA==,2012-06-13 16:25:19';
  IdHttp1.Request.CustomHeaders.AddValue('Authorization', HeaderStr);


I am not able to reproduce this issue using the latest Indy 10.5.8 SVN snapshot. The string you have shown gets assigned as a single line for me.

With that said, by default the TIdHeaderList.FoldLines property is set to True, and lines get folded on whitespace and comma characters, so that would explain why your string is getting split. Near as I can tell, there have not been any logic changes made to the folding algorithm between your version of Indy and the latest version in SVN.

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