How to add controls to html document based on mouse position and jQuery UI Draggable?

I am creating a form designer and have a toolbox that contains images of button, textbox etc. The user will drag each of these controls to the form, so I am using jQuery Draggable() . After dropping somewhere in the form this control (or image) should return back to its place in toolbox then a real control should be inserted into the position that user dropped the control in the form.

This is what I did:

<div id="tools">
    <div id="draggables">
        <img class="tool" alt="Button" id="button" src="Data/Button.png" />
        <img class="tool" alt="TextBox" id="textBox" src="Data/TextBox.png" />
        <img class="tool" alt="RadioButton" id="radioButton" src="Data/RadioButton.png" />
        <img class="tool" alt="CheckBox" id="checkBox" src="Data/CheckBox.png" />
    <img alt="Trash" id="trash" src="Data/trash.png" />


$(function () {

The problem is: what should I add to the end of draggable()(or anywhere else) to insert the specified control into the selected position in the form?

any better solution is appreciated.


There is example of realization Shoping Cart on base of JQuery UI droppable.

This have similar behavour to your task: item after copy to cart return on it's place.

But you will need to solve problem with adding unique forms elements names when copy several form elements.

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