Error deploying to Heroku using Mongoid

I am getting an error on a view when I move my app to Heroku that I am not getting in development or locally in production mode. I started with the Devise Mongoid app from and added bootstrap.

When I deploy to Heroku I get the following error on the Devise navigation parcial,

ActionView::Template::Error (can't convert Array into String):

Im using Mongoid 3.0.0.rc

I think it's related to Mongoid because I was able to get it work originally with 2.4.10 but now I get other errors with that version. Also, If I comment out the lines in the parcial where it errors, it loads the root okay but eventually crashes out if I navigate around.

I'm running out of ideas!

I can post logs or configuration files if that would help.


Its known and being worked on.

Advice downgrading back to what you were using for. 3.0.0.rc is also giving me some heroku issues

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