Activate iPhone Lock Screen when App loads

I want to password protect my app. But instead of creating a whole set of code to write and make a login window... I just want the Lock Screen to load when the app is clicked so the user can authenticate. Once the user unlocks the phone... then the app fully loads.

Is this possible?


Check this Github project about password protection by Björn Kaiser. It shows how to implement password protection and how to save the password in the iOS keychain.

In the AppDelegate the view for the PW input is set. And in the controller the PW dialog is managed. The KeychainWrapper is the wrapper for accessing the PW in the keychain.

Doesn't make sense. First, theres no API to lock the screen. Secondly, this sounds like poor user experience. If this is for the AppStore anyway.

Well, there's no API that allows you to do that, but nothing stops you from doing it yourself, or using third party library. Here is one that I found.

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