iPhone - Code of system sounds

Do you know where I can find the list of constants that points to iOS system sounds, to make me able to give them to the AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID method ?


This is from AudioServices.h:

#pragma mark    AudioServices Constants

    @enum           AudioServices constants
    @abstract       Constants for use with System Sound portion of the AudioServices APIs.
    @constant       kSystemSoundID_UserPreferredAlert 
                        Use this constant with the play sound APIs to
                        playback the alert sound selected by the User in System Preferences.
    @constant       kSystemSoundID_Vibrate
                        Use this constant with the play sound APIs to vibrate the device
                        - iPhone only 
                            - on a device with no vibration capability (like iPod Touch) this will 
                            do nothing
    @constant       kSystemSoundID_FlashScreen
                        Use this constant with the play sound APIs to flash the screen
                        - Desktop systems only
    kSystemSoundID_Vibrate              = 0x00000FFF
    kSystemSoundID_UserPreferredAlert   = 0x00001000,
    kSystemSoundID_FlashScreen          = 0x00000FFE,
        // this has been renamed to be consistent
    kUserPreferredAlert     = kSystemSoundID_UserPreferredAlert

Hope this helps.

The only one I'm aware of is kSystemSoundID_Vibrate, in AudioToolbox/AudioServices.h.

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