How do i notify iphone app when user cancel SSO process?

I have an issue with SSO facebook in my iphone app. I have searched but no userful result for me. My app have two functions: login/sigup using facebook. My problem is how do i notify my app that user cancel SSO? the steps follow describe for it:

  1. User click on "Connect using facebook", then app switch user to Facebook app.
  2. When facebook validation process not done, user press Home button (on his device) and go back my app. --> How to notify my app what happen here. i have found in Facebook SDK but no mentions for it.

Thank for reading. GE.


For SSO implementation you save your facebook key in NSUserDefault (I guess because it is internal Facebook or cookies of exist or not.)

So when you launch your app please check in callback method applicationDidBecomeActive that your NSUserDefault or Cookie exist or not and show popup accordingly.

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