Source control misunderstanding

I created a new branch in XCode to build a new feature. After some frustration with tons of errors I decided to switch back to my master branch to work on something else. After the switch, none of my code changed back to its original state before I created the new branch.

WHAT? I thought this was the point of source control. Am I misunderstanding how this works?


One way to do this is to commit your changes in the xcode branch. Then checkout the master branch. Not committing changes and then checking out another branch brings along said changes. If you want to remove the xcode branch do the following: git branch -D xcode

Need Your Help

It´s possible make a triangle pattern in div background, only css3/html? How do it?

html css css3

I need create a pattern background for one div, with fluid width. Like a background image. I would want if is possible make it only css3, and how to do.

Varnish slow when the object is cached (memory)


One of my customer came with a problem of speed for varnish.